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December 17th, 2013, 13:43
I'm not sure why you've marked it all as a spoiler.
Guys, the reason to replay TW2 on Roche's side if you have some second thoughts - is that staff. It's cheesy, it's odd, it's this and that, but to have TW2 and not get that staff at least once is a sacrilege!
Now what staff, where and what it does… That's a material for spoiler tags.

Meanwhile, as I've said, replaying Skyrim and short after I've started I went for the DLC. Dragonborn. Yea, the one where you go for a Morrowind island.
What surprised me is lack of thousands of bugs in that area. Yes, there are a few annoyances, but definetly nothing even close to vanilla map. Not only that, but the story, quests, puzzles and characters are superb! Did Bethesda really made this DLC, I mean it's totally different from the dumb original game?
I've cleared everything there (except 3 side quests, possibly grind/radiant as they want me to go back on Skyrim map) so let's say I've finished that DLC.

Compared, I'd give 1/10 to Skyrim and 9/10 to Dragonborn DLC.

Why not 10?
One reason is that some new powers and abilities are OP. Oh I will use them definetly, but still it's OP. For example daily dremora trader to summon and sell stuff. Then dwarven sphere companion, hell why this baby wasn't in the vanilla game? And my favorite: no more friendly fire on Lydia!
Second reason is that dragon riding is made 34653658234623485 times worse than similar thing in Ego Draconis - it's not fun at all!
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