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December 23rd, 2013, 18:02
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Just for the sake of arguing, do you also apply that reasoning to other games (i.e refusing to use unofficial patches and fixpacks)?
Ages ago I walked over internet under a different nick. It was extremist.

Maybe you don't remember that nick. But it's possible that somewhere you dig up who was BG1/2 and IWD1/2 troubleshooting moderator on now defunct Black Isle forums.
But also if you played Shadows of Amn before ToB was released… I believe at there is still BG2:SoA fixpack created by… me. Who else?

Please do read my posts here instead of skiping them because "that imbecile joxer is probably raging on phonegames and grind again".
If you did read my posts, you'd notice I recently details I've posted about Edwin/BootsOfSpeed bug in BG2. How would I know about it if I didn't work on it?

I don't refuse unofficial fixes. If I did I would never be able to enjoy G3 and VtM. Or Drakensang with unofficial patches applied. And didn't you see that I've reuploaded TroT fixpack because it's not available any more on the original site? Yes, the link is on this forum in Drakensang section. Why would I have it initially if I refused to use such stuff?

In the case of Skyrim, sorry, but the game is one huge pile of bugs impossible to polish properly by modders. Honestly, so many bugs I haven't seen in any other game out there, ever. The only reason ppl ignore them is because Skyrim doesn't crash to desktop frequently - some other almost bugless games were massacred by critics just because of random crashes like that's the only thing worth calling a bug.

If Bethesda corrected major game glitches instead of fixing only "rare occurences", fans could eventually make a proper unofficial patch. Instead, unofficial patches additionally break the game (check for example Skyrim wiki and for a note about some bug with housing that appears if some unofficial patches are used).
I do respect the work ppl did, hell I did such stuff in the past too. But in the case of this game… Sorry. I won't use any unofficial patch till Bethesda fixes general annoyances instead of rare glitches in the bloody bug-o-rama. Which will happen never, they won't fund that.

And we're talking about a bestseller GOTY here. Something Drakensang, Gothic3 and Vampire:TM didn't get! Something that was by many a better game than DX:HR and TW2! Sadly, those two were polished and patched by devs.

I hope this clears it for you.
Toka Koka
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