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December 9th, 2007, 02:53
MP regular players were less than 20% actually. It was a stat given by David Gaider in 2003. The pro-multiplayer faction - then insisted Gaider's data was wrong. Gaider got so sick of the thread he walked away from the forums for a while after that.

It was embarassing. The MP advocates have always disliked hearing that their numbers were comparatively small.

But that has not been the real problem over the years. The real problem was the PW advocates - who barely amounted to less than 2% of players - HATED hearing that. Insisted BioWare was wrong and they didn't know this that and the other thing.

Which does not mean that PW play was not fun, engaging or worthwhile to be engaged in as a player and community member. It may well be the most addictive and rewarding of play styles - and the Pw community's persistence in the face of all the challenges over the years certainly shows they are the most dedicated players. No doubt of that.

But it does mean that as a function of "zots" there are rarely first in line - and often ignored.

Georg Zoeller has attempted to clarify the PW numbers over the years as well. It doesn't help. They don't want to hear it - and that's that.

Given that BioWare has the server data and players don't, it was a ridiculous discussion to get engaged in. But the advocacy and insistence by the PW crowd that their style of play was the One True Game has been an unfortunate reality with the NWN1/2 community over the years.

And it still is.

In terms of gameplay, the elements which advance a strong story based adventure usually break under multi-player. That's an unfortunate element of how the engine deals with cutscenes and some plot states. I wish it wasn't so - but it is - and designers have had to exclude multiplayer from most of the Premium mods as a result.

It may be the Westgate Adv Pack may be different and fully support multiplayer play. But I wouldn't count on it.
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