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January 14th, 2008, 06:20
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Us PW advocates (I ran Wheel of Time:The Third Age) seem to dominate the main forums as well. It was like that before the game was even released. PW's often lead the way in championing new features, NWNx for example when Bio wouldn't put in a DB of their own.

Nevertheless, I know Gaider's frustration. WoT:3A does not use haks and is one of the biggest servers on NWN. Whenever I've mentioned Haks as a problem with MP I got lambasted by other Server Admins who insist its not a problem for players. However, my numbers don't lie so I happily pick up the stray players who can't get on their servers and grow and grow and grow.

Of course you ran DLA so…

PW in NWN means Semi-persistent Worlds.
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