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August 27th, 2009, 18:21
But 'gore' is not blood alone, it can be severed limbs, rolling heads, popped-out eyes, incandescent entrails oozing from dismembered limbs, the splattering of intenstines and other foul beastly organs into a showering rainbow of irredescent goo as well as the expected crimson blood trickling down dungeon walls. Gore is obviously at its best when accompanied by bone crunching or egg cracking and other squashy sounds. I am normally partial to a hint of gore providing it isn't overdone. Yet the Diablo's are the perfect game scenarios for blood splattering hack-and-slash gore and therefore it must not be seen as lacking or showing subdued gore levels. Diablo must maintain this image, you would notice by its absence the lack of gore, it wouldn't be the real Diablo without it. For this reason i fully expect and endorse the full use of all kinds of extreme densities of gore where Diablo is concerned, yet still with a gore level slider or on/off in-game menu switch. (or out of game .ini tweek capability if need be)…for the faint hearted or for parental supervision if so desired.
There can be a credible case for use of proportional to game genre gore.
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