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September 17th, 2017, 18:31
Originally Posted by porcozaur View Post
Played for about 10h, sadly i think it suffers from the same stuff the first one did, uninteresting story and chars, clunky interface, a lot of useless shit in the inventory
ps who had the bright idea to make dialogue replies "indirect", fuck you
Can't disagree more.
All characters are batshit crazy, story in first 10 hours is basically a prologue so I'm not sure what were you expecting, interface is good but not great as they adapted inventory to console bullshit, and "useless shit" in inventory you should either drop or sell already.

The only reason to despise "useless shit" in inventory is if you're playing a thief able to steal everything.

Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
It's not screwed. The quest is advanced by a NPC right before finishing Act 1.

I saw lots of people saying that Lohse has nothing in Act 1 regarding hers though, well that just mean they haven't explored all of Fort Joy and going by that discussion missing it isn't that important, once you reach a certain place someone is going to come to her anyway.
Didn't know this. Thanks! I'm in some gargoyle maze currently, when I finish it I'll check it up.
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