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September 18th, 2017, 01:28
Didn't see this thread until a few minutes ago - here are some comments:
1. What character did you pick? What do you think of the character creation?
Beast as a warrior and happy i did.
2. What do you think of your first few hours in the game?
I had played a little of the alpha so i knew what to expect; but the voices help a lot and the story is much fuller and well flushed out.
3. What did you like/dislike?
Really well done. Not sure I liked my classes. I have Beast (main char as warrior); ifan as cleric; sibelle as mage and Lhose as archer. Most unhappy with Sibelle and would change her for fane if I start over or play a second time. Also would make Lohse enchanter and ifan archer and fane something and beast cleric.
Also playing on tatican mode but not familiar with how the classes will evolove as this my first play so bit concern things might become pretty hard later on - ds was pretty easy entire game 'cept for the lich fight - this is definitly more difficult.
Not happy with the ai as enemy can frequently hit me from places I can't hit them (what I mean is that they seem to have significantly greater range for arrows, spells and throwable and can easily throw things over barriers that block myself - this take into account the impact of height so i'm not sure if ai cheats or npc have significantly higher something or other. I go behind a tower to block arrows and they shoot right through it but i can't return fire because it blocks me.

4. How do you think it fares compared to the first D:OS?
Story wise much better and ai is better but i think it is cheating (see above). ds story and writing sucked.
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