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November 29th, 2017, 07:08
There is a lot of difference since dom3. For example, dom4 added the repeat recruitment option now dom5 has added repeat forging, rituals and multi-turn movement on the map. Just these 3 things really make the game flow better.

Multi turn movement being where you can tell your commander to go to a distant province and he'll make his way there automatically over a multiple turns. Compared to having to move each commander 1 province per turn manually this is a great quality of life improvement.

The random events are not entirely outside the players control if you tip your luck scales towards fortune.

What units you have is based on your nation and the age you're playing in. Your units are just the people of the nation. Most of them will be humans with different equipment based on the lore.

The real best units come from magic, whether super units from Summoning or Construction or a mage unit learning new spells from something else like Evocation and going from a level 1 magic missile attack to a fireball.

When it comes to these illwinter games, rather than focus on what they don't do I prefer to focus on what they don't do. I mean, look where ambition took HoMaM.
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