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February 18th, 2021, 20:30
Originally Posted by gabrielarantest View Post
I am not sure I agree with you here. Didn't they change how cantrips work based on feedback?

That and allowing an extra (redundant) short rest (since you can always long rest instead) are about the only rule changes I can recall. Both very simple to do, low hanging fruit, that wouldn't really upset anyone. But the 'difficult' rules issues have been ignored (so far at any rate). I think they're too afraid of deviating from the formula that was so successful in DOS. I should say I loved DOS - it was the TB game that made me interested in playing TB RPG's (well, except for ToEE which was great, except for the actual RPG I was just hoping for something more like actual D&D - much as I love BG1/2, were from a simpler era and I have higher expectations now. 5E is the simplest D&D type rule system for awhile (3.0, 3.5, PF are extremely complex imho) - a good mapping to PC. Solasta has shown this already, on a shoe-string budget (by comparison). So I think that either (1) Larian don't want to implement balanced 5E gameplay (because it's 'not fun' - which I disagree with cf. Solastata ) or (2) they don't really know how, because beyond being turn-based, 5E is quite far from what they did for DOS1/2. I think they were expecting the transition from DOS engine to 5E turn-based to be simple and correspond closely to the way they did in DOS. But is didn't, and now they're trying to decide what to do about that…and with deadlines, pressure, share-holders (maybe?!) they may take the path of least resistance.

Look at the Larian forum mega-threads to see what I'm talking about (think you may need a forum account). There's a lot of detailed discussion there about how broken many systems are, as well as suggestions on how to fix them as simply as possible. Or potential compromises etc.
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