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February 19th, 2021, 09:46
Or then it is some kind of strategy to foster the formula that took the company thus far (i.e. making D:OS3 in Baldur's Gate skin). Being able to sleep anywhere is just dumb and is one of those things that will make people mock the game as D:OS3. They could easily fix that if they wanted. In general, the camp thingie they have going on functions poorly and is immersion breaking as it is now. Another dumb thing is the eternal day. They are introducing all sorts of talk with death/animals/plants through voice-acting and fancy cut-scenes things. "Too much work" is not an excuse. If something was deemed too much work, the cut-scenes would have been a good place to spare resources. They increase the immersion and are really cool if they work but are not necessary.

There were a lot more dumb things in the game but I took them as "oh well, this is early access". I guess I'll get annoyed by them in v1.0. I share your concerns people. Despite that, this game will be awesome even if they decided to make it D:OS3 as it seems atm.
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