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March 3rd, 2021, 00:57
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Gamesbanshee preview:

Speaking of the latter, you would think that a game inspired by Baldur's Gate, a game that itself abbreviates into BG, would at least have the decency to not copy the basic premise of the Bhaalspawn saga. You see, while most of it takes place before the beta starts, based on some conversations and the quick manual bundled with the beta, I've managed to piece together what happens during Black Geyser's intro.

You discover some truths about your origins and set out on an important journey. You predictably get ambushed, and before you know it, your half-brother you never knew you had kills your noble father. And this lands you inside a town that's having problems with its mines.

If that description fills your mind with words like Gorion, Sarevok, and Nashkel, I don't blame you. And if you add on top of it the fact that while never explicitly explored in the beta, Black Geyser separates its characters into Mortals and Demigods, these story similarities raise all sorts of alarms.

Admittedly, Black Geyser's presentation, general atmosphere, and the actual sequence of events never actually devolve into a carbon copy of Baldur's Gate. It's just that once you look beneath the surface, the similarities become too apparent to ignore.

Also screeg's comment below:

Haven't played it, but I'm contributing a ton of the dialogue* under the direction of the lead narrative designer. I imagine we're going to be seeing a whole lot of opinions as soon as this hits the digital shelves, but the lead dev is heavily committed to a BG-style game. They even have the same initials!

*caution: opinion may be biased
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