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April 19th, 2021, 19:13
Originally Posted by duerer View Post
Hmm, well, bad coders can do horrible things both in c# and c++ . . . I think it's not the language itself that makes Unity slow or Unreal complex -- it is the inadequate developer, who cannot use these engines properly.
It's possible, and that's what I said, it's easy to abuse it (for the C# part). But it starts with disadvantages for the performances, being JIT-compiled and based on garbage collection.

C++ has its disadvantages too and it's a lower-level language that requires more development time, but programmers have to be aware of memory management since they do it themselves. If there's a bad behaviour, it's more exposed to code reviews. They also have a better visibility on the loops and how the data is handled. It's so much easier in C#, but you really have to know what is done behind the scenes.
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