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November 2nd, 2006, 11:06
@HiddenX -- Yep, I think your definition describes both series better than simply "RPG" that lumps them with the likes of Fallout, BG, and PS:T, which are completely different games in terms of just about everything. But that's not the industry usage, unfortunately. Let's hope NWN2 works out and shifts the meaning of the term a bit back towards content. I just put in an order.

@Corwin -- I haven't played any JRPG's either, so I can't really comment. However, from what I've heard, I'm not quite sure they qualify; if both the plot and character progression are linear and there are no meaningful choices you can make with regards to either, they sound more like "interactive movies" or adventure games with bells on to me.

And finally, to everyone, I think that it's quite right to deplore the direction RPG's have taken. It's not *right* that Oblivion defines the state of CRPG's today, especially if the upshot is that CRPG's with deeper character interaction and content stop being made. However, I'm not really that pessimistic about that -- classics are still talked about and played. It seems that NWN2 has taken several pages out of them. If it's the success it's likely to be, it'll introduce yet another generation of gamers to the concept at least, and there will be another classic in the genre one of these years, depend upon it. Even if NWN2 turns out not to be it.
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