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August 28th, 2007, 22:57
Originally Posted by dduke View Post
For me looks like another empty game, with useless dialogs and places, painful story and a barrage of nonsense.
Has described in the interviews above.
Wow… you could tell all that from a bunch of out-of-context developer forum posts that the link went to? That's some skill you have there.

Who cares about gay romances at all or comic characters?
They need in some way to make an up to date good game to please customers, throw away fancy graphics if it's useless like in NWN2.
Who cares? Well most probably all the forum goers who continually posted to the thread(s) about gay romance I would imagine. But it seems that David Gaider is going to ignore your advice and not please those customers - if you read what he said he was dead against adding a gay romance just for the sake of it.
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