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August 29th, 2007, 12:07
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There is already to much streamlining - three Races, three Classes (with Kotor-like upgrading), no Death until the whole Party is killed, probably developed with a console-version in Mind…

I'm expecting a Fantasy-KOTOR and certainly not the spiritual Sucessor of Baldur's Gate 2 … but I might still buy it for the story-line if the ratings here are good and not that bad at the Codex (or if there will be a promising Mod-Scene)
I know I'm not the only who HATES when game makers take away the omnipresent possibility of instant death for the main character.

In Fallout & Baldur's Gate, it's precisely that danger and suspense, and threat of death to your cherished character (and recruited NPC's) which made those games so challenging, demanding and GREAT.

It's really a dumbing down of RPG's, this "you can kill them but they can't kill you" idea. A blatant cheat. It's lame.

But the modding community usually strikes back to make mortality truly mortifying, and in tune with the tradition of RPG's.
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