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August 29th, 2007, 18:39
I'm tired of Gaider constantly waxing philosophically myself. He doesn't actually talk much about the development and that's what I want to hear about.

The one problem with Dragon Age of course is how generic it all seems. It's just another fantasy IP in the vein of D&D but without all the hassle of the approval process. Starting with the name they are making an overtly conscious effort to make it familiar when they had an opportunity to make something very flexible and original, ie. throwing away the class system.

Five years is too long for any game development including RPGs. NWN was an anomaly. Among other things it got held up by legal problems with Interplay. They were also not familiar with 3D development and had to learn from the ground up.

Part of the problem too is that they don't have a publisher yet. Development is all self funded. But they are obviously developing as seen from the shots of the updated graphics engine. Those shots from 2004 he said were from the NWN Engine. I'm not sure why they are keeping a tight lid on things. They could publish their PnP RPG they used for example to get players familiar with world.

I have hopes for a better version of NWN with a good toolset so I can develop a good PW from a company that understands their product unlike Obsidian. Gaider's already said they are going to focus on the game and it'll "probably have a toolset" so that's not encouraging. Again, though I hope its a statement for investors but it sounds like another sign of development by focus group.
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