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August 30th, 2007, 08:12
In the BG series, if any character died, I would mount an expedition to resurrect them. At low levels, that usually meant skimping on expenditures to save up for the costly spell. If my own character died and the game forced me to quit or reload from a saved game, I would reload once or twice. If that failed, then I would accept that my character's story ended in failure, abandon the game no matter how far along I was, and either play a different game, or roll up a completely new character.

I don't mind that if a character is beaten silly, he or she falls unconscious until the battle ends. What I mind is that reviving them is so cheap -- meaning both inexpensive, and lame. In the real world, if my friend is hit by a bullet or skewered with a sword, he doesn't stand up once the villain runs away. Instead, we call an ambulance. Serious things happen. The way BG handled it felt right -- you could get anybody back (except yourself) with some effort. The way IWD handled was even better, because your other team members could rescue you if you died. But it took effort.

Hmm. Icewind Dale. Mmm. Kinda want to go start up a new game with a party full of clerics….
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