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November 23rd, 2017, 14:01
Not a bad game, but not a M&M game either. But again…Ubi never understood the M&M universe, where alien blasters would mix with swords and magic.

Arkane was lucky enough to escape the fate of the many studios that were contracted by Ubi to work on the M&M (bankrupcy). Lucky enough to develop an interesting IP (that will go down the drain fast, now that they are owned by Bethesda).

I still want a proper M&M RPG, but as long Ubi owns the franchise, i doubt that we will see something decent anytime soon. Dark Messiah was a decent game, Heroes V was acceptable, M&M X: Legacy okayish, Heroes VI and VII were just horrendous, mostly because the technical problems and Ubi abandoning the support for them quite fast, leaving them in a bad state.

At least Dark Messiah came out in a pretty decent shape, with only 1 or 2 patches released later. Arkane was always decent on the tech side (well, the exception was Arx Fatalis, but they came a long way since then)
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