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June 20th, 2019, 14:41
Originally Posted by lackblogger View Post
In terms of sales and hype, this game reminds me of how Slay the Spire went, in that most of the people who were going to play it did so in Early Access. The actual official release date turned out to be a massive damp squib. The main difference here seems to be that StS managed to maintain it's dedicated fanboys even with the lacklustre new additions of full release whereas poor ol' TAB seems to hve alienated even them.
Well Slay the Spire was mostly feature complete when it was in Early Access. Nobody was really expecting the actual release to change that much and the release announcement was more of a formality than anything else.

Billions is the opposite. The Early Access bit was only a small part of the full game and nobody really knew exactly what they were getting with the full game until it came out.

Anyway I got Billions EA so I guess I'll try playing the campaign version. The most disappointing sounding part is that it sounds like it's going to be discrete missions rather than a world to explore and build up.
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