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August 19th, 2013, 13:10
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
Nice review DArtagnan.

Interesting that the turns in multiplayer are simultaneous. In the single player they are round-robin rather than simultaneous, which I would have preferred.

I had a similar thought about stars - luckily 3.5 wasn't available or it would be a much tricker decision for me

I'll try and spend some time on the custom campaign, which neither of us have covered - it's kind of a mix between skirmish and the campaign, and was only 'finished' quite late so wasn't properly available in our review versions.

Singleplayer is round-robin? That's kinda strange.

When you play against the AI - the battles happen simultaneously and the moves seem to - but since I haven't actually played the MP campaign against another human being (only tried skirmish), I don't know if you're taking turns in sequence.

That would actually mean I'd have to deduct half a point, because I assumed it was simultaneous turns with human beings based on the way moves and battles are executed.

A big part of the joy of the game is the fast and pleasant flow - and if you're waiting around in sequence - that's not ideal




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