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August 19th, 2013, 13:56
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
When do you play cards for the battles then? Because they're sequential in the single player you can chose to play cards after one battle but before the next (for instance, if you were fighting on two fronts and lost the first, you might play more cards for the second to make sure you won it).
Once you (and presumably the other human players) click "end turn" - the game prompts for battle input, and you get to play your cards - and when you're done - the combat is resolved with the cards you play.

The reason I assumed it would be simultaneous is that other participants have "room" for cards to be played - and it seems logical and rational that the game would prompt players for cards at the same time and resolve combat once they've all finished selecting their battle cards.

The manual states that each player gets to take his turn - but that actions are resolved simultaneously.

The MP campaign shows movement paths, for instance, but doesn't seem to resolve movement until everyone has clicked end turn.

I admit I haven't studied the turn sequence in detail - as simultaneous-turns seemed such a natural fit for what was happening, I never gave any alternative much thought.

This is how Dominions 3 works, for instance.




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