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June 18th, 2017, 14:38
The story of hours is already gross by itself but applied to crowdfunded projects, it oozes arrogance.

Crowdfunded projects release unfinished products. It is praised and described as a fantastic opportunity for players to participate and provide a feed back.

BB is time consuming and any participation require dozens of hours.

Over the years, a guy who participated only four times finished with 150 or more hours.

Mechanically, it adds.

People who spend hours to participate to the greatness of crowdfunded projects are later blamed to have participated.

Crowdfunded projects are great because they let people participate. Participate though, and you will be blamed for participating.
The thing that was never meant to be.

On to this, on this site, when you find another way to assess a product, like watching streamers, it is also blamed.
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