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May 21st, 2011, 19:30
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Nice one.

I still have first published screenshot on my disc. You can see some stuff not seen in the final game. Here you go

unofficial pre f.a.q. from 1997…al_PRE-FAQ.HTM

official announcement from 1997…d_Magic_VI.HTM
I just read through the whole thing. One thing I just want to say now is can you not use filefactory to upload files? Ads galore.

But it's very nice to see pre-release footage . In fact, I do believe I have some more in my own MM6 manual. A couple of screenshots that you would never find in the final release. One in P. 30 and one in P. 33. There are a few subtle differences that you don't see in the final release.

P. 30:

1: There's a stop sign behind the turn-based mode hand icon.
2: The automap looks different.
3: The HP and SP bars look like they're in glass tubes.

P. 33:

1: The glass HP and SP bars are there also.

I'll upload some pics of them when I can.
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