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August 18th, 2010, 13:28
Nice article.

It is really a matter of taste which mods one installs.

A few months ago I used this guide to install some mods.

I mostly installed bug fixes, new models, grass mods.

I also installed some mods I didn't like, such as one that adds thousands of new NPC's and one that added schedules to the NPCs. The mod that adds alot of NPC's I was unable to remove because Morrowind stops working when I remove it. But if I would install again I would not include that one.

I personally would change nothing from the gameplay. For example I'd never use all ports traveling mods, simply because remembering all routes and choosing the quickest route has become a game unto intself for me.

Whenever I was traveling with family, before the advent of navigators, I used to be in charge of the map and directing the driver. Also when we visted New York I was in charge of determing which subway line to use. Being able to navigate through a locale using Signs or using "Public Transport" makes me feel like I'm actually there spatially.

At a time I was so adept at Morrowind travel that I also used AlmSiVi or Divine Intervention scrolls as public transportation. Especially if I was in a remote place, it was the quickest way to get back to society.

Sadly, this type of fasttravel was removed in Oblivion, and it's use in Fallout 3 has probably cemented it in BGS games.

Modding it out of Oblivion is not so easy, since it's not about simply disabeling Oblivion fast travel, but about also providing alternative travel options such as coaches, boats or Mages Guild guide transfer.
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