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Default Replayability of modern games / Steam games / 2030

January 16th, 2013, 10:01
Hi folks,

today most of us have Steam accounts and play downloaded games. I am REALLY SURPRISED the topic "replayability in the future" is rarely discussed. The veterans amongst us love to play old games for several reasons. For fun, good memories, getting our childhood/youth back, whatever. AND WE CAN DO IT, thanks to the "simplicity" of old games and DOSBox.

What about modern games? Skyrim? Even if one day we may have virtual machines with Windows 7 and emulation of todays video adapters which is complicated enough - in case of Steam games there's the IP overhead. I.e. in order to play the game, it needs to connect to Steam servers. IN 20 YEARS? Doubtful. Emulate the IP conversation? Oh my…

But aside from the technical side - people do not seem to be interested in replayability at all! What do you think? Or am I missing something?

I have a clear preference. First I try to download DRM/online activation free. GOG etc. Also, download from publisher first. If not available, then Steam which I would prefer over smaller and crappier services (like in Germany, I have doubts about their activation servers persistence).

Bets regards
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