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July 29th, 2007, 15:39
thank gaboru93, I'll hunt there again, maybe I missed it.

also, on the previous topic, here's the book 5 script. The old man gets dropped in and the Npc_ChangeAttribute func removes all this hitpoints so he's dead.

Book 6 just drops in the skel mages and skelies. There is nothing further in the code, there is nothing further in the script.

if (riddle5 == FALSE)
B_GiveXP (850);
B_LogEntry (theriddle_log, "Dies scheint das letzte zu sein. Bin gespannt zu erfahren, wem ich gegenüber stehen werde …Dort, wo alles begann, sollst du mich finden…");
Snd_Play ("FoundRiddlersBook");
Wld_InsertNpc (Bau_940_Riddler,"");
var C_NPC riddler; riddler = Hlp_GetNpc(Bau_940_Riddler);
Npc_ChangeAttribute (riddler, ATR_HITPOINTS, -riddler.attribute[ATR_HITPOINTS_MAX]);

riddle5 = TRUE;

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