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July 29th, 2007, 23:55
The riddle is available at any time once you can defeat the first skeleton mage, early or late.

If y're playing through the first time I highly recommend you try to figure out the riddles on your own. It's a challenge and the vague english translation makes it a little more difficult, and fun.

Be sure to only read the books while you are in the main world. If you read one of the books for the first time while you are in one of the mines or the temple it won't drop the next item correctly.

As for the 'secrets', it's just talking about the quest that "Corpse" character was on. In the end he messed with things he shouldn't have and wound up dead. This quest nets you a lot of xp and some pretty nice items. It's too bad it was slapped in during a patch and had to use audio from elsewhere in the game.

The first riddle creates the 'topic' in your log and drops the second book. The second riddle gives you 300xp, updates your log, plays a sound, then drops the third book. The third does the same with 500xp. The fourth does the same with 700xp. The fifth does the script from my previous post. The sixth plays a different sound, updates your log to success, gives 1000xp, and then drops two skel-mages, two skel-warriors, two skels, and one skel-scout.

The End.
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