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August 21st, 2014, 11:47
Well, sort of. Yes, you can use magic to open chests, but it relies on the "Crystal Magic" skill, which is a bit harder to boost than Lockpicking. Keep in mind that Lockpicking can be boosted both by getting skills from trainers, getting more Dexterity and by equipping various items. Getting to 100+ Lockpicking, and thus being able to open almost all chests in the game, is really not that hard. It basically just means getting to 50ish and then using skills and items to go the rest of the way.

Also, you'll get loads of XP, so I really wouldn't worry too much about that. You'll probably get both Magic and Dexterity to 50+ by the end of the island you're now on (if those are the stats you're going for). Keep in mind that taking them beyond 60 is not worth it, as you can go the rest of the way with permanent potions later on.

Edit: And yes, do the mine quest. You'll come across a few semi-hard fights during it, but it does indeed lead to magic.

Edit 2: And after you get magic, get it up to 25-30 fairly fast, as the costs are very low at that point. Then get the first +10 Crystal Magic skill from one of the trainers. That'll help your damage quite a bit.
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