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January 12th, 2008, 19:02
It seems to be that MS apparently have abandoned the PC and now is trying to get everyone to an Xbox 360, so that they can sell all things Xbox to them i.e. controllers, webcams, and other stuff. MS also wants to make it so that you can download movies from (their?) online site(s) to you Xbox 360 so you can watch them on your TV. I thought this could already done on PC?

In an article in a Danish newspaper about the recently held CES electronics convention, the writer states quite calmly that big corporations like Sony or MS or other in the video/tv/movie industry wants you to buy everything from them. This means that if cannot own a Sony TV, a Philips DVD-recorder and an Xbox 360, since they don't come from the big corporations. This actually limits the freedom of the consumers. If big corporations like MS, Sony, Philips etc. get away with this, this could also mean that only PS3 players could play with each other over PSN and only Xbox 360 owners are allowed to play with each other over Xbox live. And if they have a Philips TV, they can't see anything anyway, since it probably won't support the showing of the content.

Quite frankly, I don't understand why Microsoft and all the other big corporations are hurrying into markets in which they have no qualifications instead of just continue doing what they do best e.g. MS making great operating systems, Sony making TV etc. Why do they have to compete, trying to shuffle everything they can into one product, selling and making stuff in areas in which they clearly not that competent
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