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March 30th, 2011, 14:59
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hehe no. W1 have cost 27 Mln PLN. W2 already cost more than 30 Mln PLN .
Oops. Wow, thought it was coming in less.

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First game generated enough income for people to get paid for their work , so i think the sales were good , CDPR owns the title so what investors ?
Getting paid simply means you have enough cash flow to pay the salaries, doesn't mean you are making a profit. I don't think they made a loss on TW1, but it wasn't a cash cow.

Even if you own a title you need to get the money from somewhere to pay the developers etc. until you start earning money back from sales. That's where investors come in. In the case of TW1 CDPR were paid mostly by CDProjekt, because first projects are hard to gain investment. Atari probably invested a little as well. With the sequel the series has been established, and proven, so if they wished to use more investment from publishers they would be able to, and on much better terms than they would have been offered for TW1.
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