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March 30th, 2011, 16:18

Yep, I'm hitting Fence and Bouncer as often as I can. They're the only ones I've found that bet high enough to be worth the effort. One of my problems is that I always buy all the books for ingredients and that takes quite a bit of cash. I sell them back, but I just get 1/5th cashback for used books I've got about 3,000 and I know I have a bunch of jewelry I can sell. I've kept all rings since the beginning, so that should get me another 1000 or so. If you could store spare weapons in inventory, then you could get alot more cash. I can sell some badges to Merchant too, for 600. Really enjoying the replay.


I've had the longest set of back to back gaming I can remember. I've played FNV, Divinity DKS, Drakensang TRoT, Two Worlds Two, and now TWitcherEE, without a break. I still haven't tried many of the lesser games either: Torchlight, Venetica, Risen, Alpha Protocol. I've never tried any of the Soldak games, though I plan to some day, at least the demos. It looks like any breaks I take will be purely voluntary, which is really weird but exciting to think about. Outside a trip to real Vegas, I'm leaving the computers behind, my crpg plate looks to be full all year!
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