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March 18th, 2012, 11:40
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Here's to hoping it will still have those quiet classic KaiRo-like moments of contemplation, thereby allowing that atmospheric immmersion factor to sink in that little bit more.
Trust me it seemed a bit too tame to me at times (I obviously speak from experiencing the beta, not having yet acquired psychic abilities ).

What it lacks is the character and intensity of Kairo's compositions… a sense of individuality and the exotic (and even a bit of lurking menace at places) that his compositions in Risen 1 (not to mention the Gothics of course) had.

Or to put it plainly, Kairo's were simply hands down better on building an atmosphere while Seelbachs just complement placing more in the background (Hoge's intro indicates that this was actually a design goal)… Just my Opinion of course
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