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March 18th, 2012, 20:56
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Between Gothic 1 and 2 I consider the soundtrack on #1 quite a bit superior to #2 really, except from the tracks on Jharkendar (Didn't NOTR make everything better…).
Easily the most memorable expansion, really added to the game on so many different levels.As for G1vsG2(music wise)I am not one hundred percent sure to be honest, it's been SO many years and I am counting way more play-throughs in G2 & NoTR than G1.Planning on playing all three of them again soon.
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And speaking of favorite contemplative and introspective moments (which are in fact some of the finer moments of Kairo's music): Free Mine (But I believe it played around Cavalorn's hut too), The pirate camp theme from Jharkendar…
Brilliant pieces indeed, I can picture Cronos walking around at night, glowing ore mound beneath, all the bandits sitting near fires… loved the scenery.
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I was of a mind to start posting "haunting" introspective pieces from Gothic3 .. then I realized that this post would start to look a bit longish… Myrtana at night, Varant solo strings and Lizbeth Scott's voice on the ruins and Vengard ….
Just checked the songs again, I should really give Gothic III another chance, my previous experiences were terrible thanks to all the bugs, but it shouldn't be that bad with community patch and all.

Anyway, easily my favourite series out there and seeing it getting mangled* beyond recognition was just plain sad.

*See G3 expansion & Arcania
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