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August 5th, 2013, 23:26
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I'm assuming your point is that people should just accept it as normal when they come across it in a game, even though it feels completely wrong to most people. In reality though, it isn't customers' reactions that keeps making a buzz, it's Bioware's inability to stop talking about it (as this article is a great example of). Especially David Gaider.
Yep. Gay people are bombarded by representations of straight love on a near constant basis, and we have no choice but to accept it as normal. I don't think the occasional gay character in a video game will cause you that much emotional trauma. Maybe if you are exposed to it more often, it will stop feeling so uncomfortable to you (much like the desensitization toward violence you just pointed out, which I would think is far more disturbing).

And once again… Gaider was talking about gay portrayals in video games because it was taking place at a GAY EVENT.
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