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August 6th, 2013, 10:38
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Exactly. I am also not sure if its Gaider or Bioware "pushing" this topic, or if its just something they get asked about a lot? Gaider may have become something of a spokesperson for the topic - but maybe that is just because there are no other ones? Maybe there are people who have a need to talk about it - for the present newsbit he was INVITED to talk about it. By gay/lesbian gamers.
And props to Elikal for speaking up for himself.

An invitation is something you can refuse - and if talking about these things are based on invites - then he's not refusing them a whole lot

In any case, the guy can talk about whatever he wants. Be he's exposing himself in the media - and people are responding to it.

Personally, I'm just sick of hearing about the same things from the same guy over and over again, that's all. Maybe it's because I think it's about 0.1% relevant for a computer game - and I'd rather hear about something truly relevant.

But I'd never try to stop him talking about a topic so obviously dear to his heart.

That said, I think people in the minority would help themselves more by not shining a light on an issue that shouldn't be an issue - because they're helping it be an issue.




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