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December 2nd, 2006, 15:14
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How about the ability to type in our own responses and questions, as in the 'old' days!!

As someone else said, I can see why it would be a little immersion breaking to type in a response that makes sense, and get a "I don't understand" even if the person just talked and had a lot to say on that subject.

With dialgue trees you can avoid that by not giving the player the option to talk about anything that isn't preprogrammed.

And as Hidden X said, wiz was good at what Sierra started. But I think a better system would be to take what sierra and sir-tech did and take it a step forward.

You click on the symbol, and you are allowed to type in your own response. AN example would be you click on the "brown nose" symbol. You can taype in anything you think your character would say to brown nose up to this person, in a way your character would do it. What you type isn't important, as your ability to brown nose is tied to a skill. Its just a way to advocate and enhance roleplaying.

Of course the system could be abused. You could click on the anger symbol (meaning to say a response that will anger the npc, maybe a better name would be provoke?) and type in "This is silly, lets just be friends." Or "I love you 4-eva." Or you could click on symbols and never type in anything, since you are not interested in typing in an actual response that your character would say.

ANother alternative would be to keep things how they are now. Lets use kotor as an example. Everything is the same, but there is abutton next to the dialogue that you click on to replace what the devs tell you your character will say with more fitting response from your character that would achieve the same goal.

Maybe bloodlines is a better option. Sudection dialogue comes up pink right? It doesn't matter whats said, just that htting that line checks your seduction skill, why not allow the player to type in something more appropriate for their character?
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