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December 2nd, 2006, 15:36
Planescape Torment stood out from the crowd, but it was also not sucessful in sales because it requires an above-average IQ to understand.

I have not found interesting Dialogue beyond Bioware/BlackIsle/Troika/Obsidian (who basicly come from the same group of people). The major problem is that Roleplaying games are complex products and it's difficult to support an endless variety of different character types / players with unique and personalized dialogue.

When it comes to the D&D/d20 games they have at least tried to support:
a) Evil vs Good
c) Chaotic vs Lawful
c) Support for the 6 attributes
d) Support for unique skills
e) Support for unique classes
f) Support for unique races
g) Male vs Female

NWN2 did it all and I was impressed by the amount of work put into so many different charactertypes, but since you will only see a few options per character you make you will probably miss out most of it.
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