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December 27th, 2013, 05:38
Currently playing Severence: Blade of Darkness - what a game! To describe it I can say Dark Souls proparly made for PC. Read below to see why.

Graphics are top notch and best I have seen considering that this game was released in 2000 - textures, shadows, hit detection is the best I have seen and puts many new PC games to shame.

The combat is one of the best that I have seen - for a game developed in 2000 with near perfect hit detection in third person and severs the correct hit limb is just extraordinary!

The Atmosphere is brilliant and is dark and isolated, very similar to Dark Souls. The nice thing about it as well is that you can run away from enemies if you wish or lure them to ledges, lava spots to kill them. It is NOT your typical: enter area, hidden wall appears, kill enemies, hidden wall dissapears - it has a similar design to Dark Souls except that each region or castle (which is huge) are not connected.

You level up as you kill more enemies. This means that you can handle weapons with increasing power and you also increase you defence.

Progression is excellent. Just when you think that you found your ideal weapon, you stumble upon something better. There are many weapons that give you different combos. Weapons are also specific to the character that you are playing. For example, I am playing as a knight and he specialises in one handed weapons and shields - so he sucks with two handed weapons (which is the speciality of the Barbarian).

I have been playing it for 3 weeks now and still not finished - I would say that I have spent about 25 hours so far.

It has huge reply value as each character you choose at the beginning (there are 4 of them) has a different beginning, different story, and different weapons and moves.

This game is a masterpiece that puts most current action/adventure games into shame. If you think that you are good at Dark Souls, then try Blade of Darkness - I dare you! Just be warned, it is not for the faint hearted

The GoG version is pretty good as it includes the opengl and glide drivers for modern systems - and it is on sale now.
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