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March 2nd, 2012, 15:35
Originally Posted by Vii Zafira View Post
There are three very awesome moments in this one part: Squilli, echeggi la tromba guerriera is a delightful little song, and since first listening to it I haven't been able to imagine the Count's armies as anything other than Asterix's roman legions.
I enjoy the choir parts in Il Trovatore and this one is no exception. The Count's army doesn't strike me as similar to the Roman legions in Asterix though. The Romans knew they were about to get the beating of their lifetime and were quite despondent. Anyway, this kind of merriment prior to battle happens only in opera and other works of fiction. It is as though they are celebrating the victory in advance. Everybody, but the Count, whose mind is not on the upcoming battle - he is brooding with thoughts of jealousy and unrequited love.

There fat loot
Yep, definitely a post victory mentality.

sterile mountains
Barren mountains would be a more appropriate expression.

Poor defenseless Azucena fell into the hands of the evil, twisted Count and is going to be painfully executed so that her captor can both revenge his late brother and enjoy making his rival suffer!
The scene was very dramatic and the final tercet carried it out perfectly. I liked the transition between the initial soldiers' merriment towards the later drama - passion is running high all the time, only the roots of passion are different.

Originally Posted by Mrowak
Somehow this idea sounds both terrifying and compelling at the same time. I may actually give it a spin after… uhh, some consultation with a few experts I know.
Letting the girls have their way in things like this is the quickest road to perdition. They enjoy performing … experiments (cue the Jon Irenicus' voice over from Baldur's Gate 2).
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