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January 11th, 2010, 22:22
Currently we are at 20 Euros above the goal we have set for the donations, which was to cover the operational cost of the RPGWatch server. The extra money was donated just before the links to PayPal were removed. Our thanks to the last benefactor as well, your name has been added.

The donations already made and the ongoing willingness to donate warm our heart, they are definitely taken as a token of appreciation and encouragement. Your readiness to support this site financially means a lot to us.

But, like it or not we limited the donations to 750 Euros from the start. It does not feel right to just change it to another figure, it is like changing the rules of the game during the match. Besides that having a larger sum of donations implies making some administrative changes.
However considering the continuing signs of generosity we have decided to look into it. It will take some time though as some issues have to be investigated first

So at present we are sorry to say that we will have to decline any further donations. Sorry.
When the investigation into the possibilities has finished we might open the possibility to donate again, set with a different limit no doubt. Limits, because we have no intentions to make a profit. Rest assured that you'll be giving the links to donate again, if not this year then surely next year.
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