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May 10th, 2011, 21:55
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Now I do have a simple problem: It won't start. There is either a strange error message or it just doesn't start at all (the gothic2.exe is running, but no game).
I've had a similar problem with both G1 and G2 NoTR on Win7 (32bit) and after much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth, found a workaround. It might not be smooth, but it works (100% for me). If you haven't yet found any other solution, why not give this a try. I'm going to copy-paste a snippet from my previous post about this as I'm too lazy to write it again (nevermind that it talks about G1, I've used it on G2 NoTR successfully as well).
Originally Posted by Yours Truly
The workaround I've found is that if I launch Gothic 1 twice (so I've got two gothic.exe's running), then open the manager and close rundll32.exe, one of the two gothic.exe's shuts down with it but the other launches and I'm able to play Gothic 1 just like I used to on my old PC (I miss the good ol' Win XP).
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