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June 10th, 2011, 13:52
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Of course I don't know either, thats why I said it will be interesting. However, Vogel is the only CRPG indie that's been around for over a decade, successful enough to feed himself and a family. That counts for something, in my book. Also, in my memory at least the core of his argument has nothing to do with pride. He says that his games are very niche, e.g. have a very small customer base. That niche is large enough to feed him if he asks the prices he does. He says he can simply not make the game attractive to that many more people just by lowering the price that it would compensate. If the argument is correct, it would probably hold true for a graphical roguelike like Dungeons of Dredmor.
In one of his posts, he did specifically make the point about pride (it was the one where he was detailing how much it cost to make a game, I think Avernum 6).

He may be right, but also, I think one of his issues has been marketing. He's right that he has a very small niche, but I think it is significantly smaller than it could be because, like many indi devs, his marketing has been very lax. If not for this site, I honestly don't think I ever would have heard of his games. Hopefully the iPad version of Avadon will help get the word out.

If his universe of potential buyers is really only say 20,000 (I'm just doubling what I believe he said were the expected lifetime sales of Avernum 6 at 10,000), then keeping the price high might be the only way to go. But how much larger would that universe be at a lower price? Or why aren't his games (outside of price) on GOG (or even Steam)? Seems like he could significantly increase his potential base through those mediums, but he'd have to lower the price of course.

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