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June 10th, 2011, 16:54
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For games that are 'classical', to use a polite term, you are severely limiting your customer base when you are pricing them near the same amounts as new AAA titles. If I go to GOG and have a choice to buy Arcanum (which I haven't played yet) for $9.99 or Avadon for $25, Arcanum is going to win every time. Even if I've played Arcanum, I'm going to question the value of paying 2.5x as much for a title that is even more out of date (speaking of everything outside of content of course).
Maybe this man's customer base is mostly people who already bought Arcanum and can not move on, looking for games nearing the Arcanum feel. They might be left with this man's games only to suit their narrow tastes.
Now for players buying Arcanum or others, among them, some might take the same path, wishing for getting a similar feel and again, will come to this man's games as there is not much offer aside.
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