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November 13th, 2010, 18:39

Update 8 is now on the preview server, so I'll be reporting on it a bit.

1) Armor (or Armour) customization: You can now purchase skins for armors. Some look considerably better that I've seen vs the old armor skins (my Half-Elf will be thrilled). Probably going to be bought using TP, but considering how much people have been asking for this, I'd say it will be Turbine's best seller ever.

2) Drow get some lovin': Drow lose their SR enhancements. Now, they get it for free, as is proper. Not certain on the formula, probably SR10 + 1/lvl, maybe SR11 + 1/lvl.

3) Half-Elf Dilettante: The Dil feats get additional enhancements.
Fighter dilettante gives access to combat feat DC increases, +1 str, armor mastery
Rogue: Trap sense, dex +1, up to 3d6 SA dmg
Barb: Barbarian toughness, con +1, dmg reduction bumped to 3/-
Cleric: +1 wisdom, bumps your caster level up to 10th
Monk: +1 wisdom, healing amp, up to 5 wisdom ac bonus
Wizard: int +1, bumps your caster level up to 10th
Ranger: dex +1, more bow str, elemental resistances
Paladin: cha +1, up to 5 cha bonus to saves
Bard: cha +1, bumps your caster level up to 10th
Sorc: cha +1, bumps your caster level up to 10th
FvS: cha +1, bumps your caster level up to 10th
4) New quest chain following the U7 quest line, including crafting.…aysprune=&f=94
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