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November 18th, 2010, 02:59
Guild chests are temporary. I for one refuse to pay real money for something that is only going to be of marginal use for a very brief time, and then have stuff that someone may need be destroyed due to that fact.

I'll just keep in in my shared bank or on a mule. Far safer, and not wasting money I have to kill myself for as it is. Push come to shove, I have a mule who can hold stuff as well.

What may be useful, and actually get people what they need, is for us to post some of the stuff we have here. If no one posts and claims it, then it can be auctioned/vendored etc.

For example, I have a +1 Shocking burst Longsword, and a +1 Shocking Burst Bastard Sword in my bank. None of my characters need either, so if someone who is in guild wants it, post, and we can arrange a meeting. I'll have to go through my inventory on a few characters, as I'm not sure what some of them have at all anymore.
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