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December 26th, 2018, 23:30
Originally Posted by TomRon View Post
Chien does have a point though, if you play the game because you enjoy it and you gain Atoms along the way, buying cosmetics for those points isn't exactly a problem is it? Not that I approve of IAP's, it has completely destroyed the entire mobile market in particular, but if it's only cosmetic stuff and you can get it but playing the game I can live auth it.
Hardly..and it's a bit ironic people say you're "unaffected" when Bethesda is the one that started with

This, like with Star Citizen, is plain despicable practice that exploits "fanboyism"/younger audience. I mean if you saw an adult on a street trying to sell a kid a Kinder egg for 50$, would you say: "It's on you, if you fall for it."Laws exist exactly to prevent this kind of shit, reason why lootboxes were banned in some countries. It's pathetic some are actually saying: well don't buy it, if you don't like it or doing mental acrobatics to justify it.
Also recently, it seems they again did false advertising and they're also selling fake "Nuka rum" bottles.
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