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February 11th, 2019, 18:41
Can't say I've ever had one in SSE though it was a problem in the original Skyrim. I actually loved fast traveling to the guild just for that reason. Although any idiot could avoid it by just traveling to Winterhold/Saarthal and walking the 40 steps to the mage guild.

How easily can you not play Geralt in Witcher 3, since I want to avoid playing an old geezer? Impossible? Thought so.

I really enjoyed the first bits of DOS 2 though. I'm just not a big turn-based combat fan. I played Fane and enjoyed the story bits for the most part. I thought the assassin chick was the worst character in the game though. If I ever replay 2 it will be with a custom mage type, but I have my doubts. I'm to the point where I just rotate Bethesda's stuff or play survival games. First person is pretty much vital for me these days for long term play.
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