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October 12th, 2019, 02:27
I haven't got any new RPGs yet this year (though I intend to get Disco Elysium when it comes out & may get Stygian soon). So far I have mainly been playing with mods / user generated campaigns.

For Shadowrun: Hong Kong I just finished the excellent campaigns of The Caldecott Caper and CalFree In Chains. These are the second and third parts of a triology (though you use a different player character in each). It was a great introduction for me to the Shadowrun lore of California. It had great story, well developed characters, and I'd say in many ways surpassed HBS Hong Kong game.. IMO Calfree in Chains was comparable to Dragonfall in quality (maybe not quite as long, but just as enjoyable). Great stuff, highly recommended if you have SRHK. Like SRHK I found combat got a bit too easy even on the highest difficulty setting but if you want a challenge you could try building a character less suited for combat (i.e., a "Face").

Now I just started playing Vox Populi which is actually a port of the "Dead Man's Switch" Shadowrun Returns campaign to the HK engine, but with lots of added features and new runs.

For Temple of Elemental Evil I have been playing the Keep on the Borderlands mod (I also applied the Temple+ mod which adds some additional feats, spells, classes, and bugfixes).. I am not familiar with the D&D module this is based but this is a pretty enjoyable mod. I'm alternating between a save with a lawful leaning good aligned party and a neutral evil party.

I've also been tinkering around with Arcanum a bit… Alternating between a charismatic mage and a gunslinging tech warrior. Some day I need to stick with a build and actually try to finish the game.

(On my Nintendo 3DS) I have been playing Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. I'm pretty close to the end but I mainly only play it when I'm not at home. Great JRPG.
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