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June 13th, 2018, 22:56
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Short IGN video about the negativity about First Person Perspective.


More interview videos will possibly be added later.
I'm really curious how they'll handle the First Person backlash. For now they seem to keep on singing the same old, "it's more immersive song". I have a strong suspicion that the reason it was scrapped is because of budgetary and time constraints. Hell, on one of the first CDPR shareholder conferences, they annually hold, they said they plan for both a FP and a TP perspective. No reason to can that, except for concerns of cost/effort/etc. I refuse to believe they cut that strictly for creative reasons.

Another reason I'm curious how they will handle this, is because quite a big percentage of gamers suffer from a medical condition that causes them to experience nausea while in FP.

Personally, I'd be willing to wait an extra year for the game, if they offered a TP perspective. And quite probably, I'd be playing it both in FP and TP. I have no issues with either. My only concern with FP is due to lack of spatial awareness while playing. And the risk that melee combat might be lacklust in FP, if not done right. Very few FP games do melee combat right. See Dishonored for something decent imo.

And it seems the backlash is not dying out. The main thread on this in the official forums has reached 100+ pages.

And people are really pissed. Really wonder how CDPR will handle it. It would suck if they ignored the outrage.

One thing I'm maybe hoping, is that at least, they could introduce the TP perspective either post launch in a patch, or part of one of the expansions. If they do plan on doing that.
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