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February 18th, 2020, 19:43
back in the day I was feeling sorry for myself a few times about my feelings on this board so I sent emails to Dhruin and Jaz and they both sent very kind responses.

I wrote another one and I thought, "What am I doing?" Why do I care what strangers on the internet think of me? And besides, this is mostly in my head. So I've always checked myself whenever I get that way again.

That's not to say I haven't faced hostility. I've complaining openly about the rise in "Dark and Gritty" "mature" and M rated RPG's with perversions and adult themes and got some strong push back. Just for wanting a return to more Teen rated games I got a response "…I'm sick of your sanctimony" and "…what are you even doing here" even though I've been here a lot longer than they had.

Rather than respond I realized that I may be getting more involved than I should and took a step back. I learned this lesson on the old Horizons boards and on Facebook.

Well that person's not here anymore and last time I saw them posting was on the Codex.

Since then the P&R forums has since been taken off the front page (which was long overdue) so really its gotten even more moderate. I love this place because its mostly adults here and not children trying to one up each other trying to see who can say the most shocking thing.

Taking a break and stepping back is the right thing to do. It will get your head back on straight to what really matters.

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